Personal Profile NFT

Personal Profile NFT

The ability to provide proof-of-identity in a way where no contact is necessary and everything is stored securely so that access from your phone and devices is always at-hand grows more urgent each day.

Your identity is your key to your medical records and profile in every instance so take the power from the providers and put you in control of your data.

Visual Health & Wellness Oversight

Visual Health & Wellness Oversight

  • Early Detection of Illness, Depression and Dementia Onset
  • Non-intrusive, Safe & Secure
  • No Image Capturing
  • Network Independent
  • HIPAA Compliant

The BudhiBot

budhibot logobudhibot smart medication dispensers

The BudhiBot (Buddy-bot) is your in-residence patient advocate, medication storage, medication management and medication adherence solution.

HLTHyR IoT Wearable Devices

hlthyr smart wearables
hlthyr fitness watch

The most comprehensive, secure and advanced Wearable IoT devices.