Visual Health & Wellness Oversight

Visual Health & Wellness Oversight

  • Early Detection of Illness, Depression and Dementia Onset
  • Non-intrusive, Safe & Secure
  • No Image Capturing
  • Network Independent
  • HIPAA Compliant

The BudhiBot

budhibot logobudhibot smart medication dispensers

The BudhiBot (Buddy-bot) is your in-residence patient advocate, medication storage, medication management and medication adherence solution.

HLTHyR IoT Wearable Devices

hlthyr smart wearables
hlthyr fitness watch

The most comprehensive, secure and advanced Wearable IoT devices.


Blockchain Enterprise Vaccination Management – Vaccine Passport

Blockchain Enterprise Vaccination Management

Trackable Health’s enterprise solution takes the load off of your HR department having to manage vaccination records or contact tracing and provides a documented defense against liability.

  • Creates Vaccine Passport
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • No Load on Networks
  • Liability & Incident Reductions
  • Enforcement & Compliance Documentation
  • Savings on Data Storage & Usage Fees
  • Demonstrates Leadership & Best Practices
  • Improved Morale

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