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elder care and wearable devicesBeing connected to people in real-time provides an opportunity to improve advocacy for ourselves, those we care about, and those we care for.

This connection also creates an opportunity to build whole health solutions by leveraging AI products built to deliver the outcome sought and the compliance mandates necessary to your enterprise.

Our robust suite of AI products are considerate of total product life cycles, partner integrations, problem solving, stakeholder interests, and generating trustworthy data that can be made actionable and remain accountable.

wearable fitness devicesAccruing data from various sources such as wearable fitness devices, glucose monitors, smart beds, scales, plates, etc…, including SDOH metrics, familiar generational health, and other validated data resources takes the holistic level of workflows and individual insights into another dimension.

Utilizing FHIR data interoperability protocols drives opportunities to data mine to increase ROI and improve upon net utility to reduce friction in clinical integrations, work capacity, and timely deployments.

  • Hardware Agnostic to allow for Greater Utility and Discovery on the Metrics Generated by Smart Hardware
  • AWS GovCloud and Commercial S3 buckets
  • Comprehensive, User-Friendly Dashboards for Multiple Oversight and Performance views.

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